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Maria Grazia Cutuli school

Maria Grazia Cutuli school
A collective project with Ian+ and 2a+p in Herat, Afghanistan
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ate: 2010/11
site: Herat, Afghanistan
client: Fondazione Maria Grazia Cutuli
design team: IaN+, ma0, 2A+P, Mario Cutuli
+ Valeria Bartolacci, Antonino Crea, Domenica Fiorini, Maxim Mangold, Valentina Morelli, Consuelo Nunez Ciuffa, Juliette Dubroca, Simone Lapenta, Manfredi Mazziotta, Marco Bordone

The building accomodates eight classrooms, a double-height library, the secretary’s office, staff rooms and the caretaker’s house, distributed  in modules like a small village, with gardens and horticultural facilities.
The library, the only module fully visible from outside the perimeter wall, has a ground level area whose large french windows create an open-air environment that blends with the surrounding garden.
The entire building has a reinforced concrete frame with terracotta brick cladding. Painted colouring was used instead of render to keep costs down, in three different shades of blue, to draw attention to the complex layout of the building.

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