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Section d'Or

Section d'Or
Cultural Center in Vernier
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date: 2014/15
client: City of Vernier
design team: ma0 with 100Land 
site: Vernier, Geneva
result: shortlisted

The Concorde Secteur A in Vernier is a two-phase competition for a cultural center, commercial activities and student housing, built around a system of public voids.

The Centre Culturel Chatelaine opens with a grand entrance / foyer towards the square that will become the future pulsating center of the neighborhood, and is dissected by an internal road that continues these access spaces to the more intimate small plaza in front of the student housing. This sequence of spaces organized along this internal road becomes the heart of the new district, welcomed and protected by the CCC and signaled with a gold treatment that contrasts with the gray of the exterior concrete walls. 

The void becomes the signal of a new assets for the community, a public capital that shines on the neighborhood and the city.

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