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Acea Museum

Acea Museum
Museum for ACEA in Rome
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date: 2002
client: SWS consulting per ACEA spa
site: Rome

The feasibility study for a museum on the extraordinary site of the Eur Water Center designed in the 70s by architect Palpacelli, with its futuristic Piezometric tower, conceives an intervention in continuity with existing structures, following a principle of environmental sustainability and landscape integration.
The new intervention is placed on the roof of the existing tanks, in spatial and functional continuity with the existing plant that become part of a single exhibition sequence, and it imagines to build an energy landscape in which the volume of the museum emerges from a sea of solar panels like a greenhouse in an agricultural field, offering visitors an architectural ensemble that speaks of water, sun and energy, and the company's sustainability values.
Open on two sides towards the reflecting surface of solar panels, the museum is covered by a sequence of vaults which in turn refer to other water landscapes, to the arches of the aqueducts and to the vaults of the cisterns, but also to a spatialization of the four circles of the company logo. 

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