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Public spaces for the Rozzol Melara housing in Trieste
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date: 2002
site: Trieste
client: Comune di Trieste
design team: ma0 + Alexander Valentino

The reasons that a place, a space, architecture become places of urbanity are due to relations and intensity of use which are often tied to invisible dynamics, flows of economical and social forces linked to the opportunities for transformation inherent to the places. This results in subterranean architectural currents that reemerge, move and invade those parts of a city allowing for this.
The objective of the project is therefore to liberate movement and crossings, overlapping planes, levels and functions in a unified ground of public activity, through the demolition of manufactured elements (except for the underground garage) and connection of the superior and inferior levels of the court space by means of a continuous ramp which crosses over a network of oblique pathways which allow for a comfortable incline of 9%.
The commercial activities and services become “grottoes” of this new artificial landscape, where they operate during various hours of the day and night.

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