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Research project
The new city, Vema, X Biennale di Venezia
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date: 2006
client: X Biennale d’Architettura di Venezia, Padiglione Italia
design team: ma0 + Enrica D'Aula, Daiane Jaeger, Lisa Pavanello, Giacomo Pietrapiana, carlo Tancredi, Piero ventura

Instead of a generic and passive ground surface, Continuicity proposes the idea of an active terrain containing a living system of routes and activities, capable of multiplying its functions and intensity of use. This condensation of activities linked to the public sphere both minimizes the consumption of territory and increases the space available for the construction of natural continuity on a wider scale.
The diagonal is the geometric matrix of this ground level: it makes it possible to surpass differences in height with shallow slopes, transforming changes in ground level into imperceptible thresholds.
From the single block to a hypothetical VEMA in Continuicity version, the same approach of continuity and bifurcation was applied at the various scales. Therefore every island, with its system of natural and pedestrian networks, punctuated with public activities, has a correspondence on the urban scale to a macro-web of natural and public spaces, which are in turn punctuated by islands for urban-scale macro functions (facilities, office centres, venues for culture and leisure, etc.).

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