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The House of Fairy Tales Competition
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date: 2014
site: Odense (DK)
client: City of Odense
design team: Nica Fiorini, Laura La Greca, Guglielmo Maggini


Ceci tuera cela, was the prophecy of Victor Hugo about the destiny of architecture as narrative devices, going to be killed  by the rising popularity of press and books, and the substitution of cathedrals. But new medias don’t really kill the old ones, but just add new ways of communicating, leaving to the old ones their own specific character and meaning.
That’s why Flatland wants to celebrate the two-dimensional space of the book that, beyond its limits, offers an unlimited and undefined space for imagination, as no other media does.
The new building, composed of a series of volumes agrregated as a small village, is a tridimensional labyrinth, made of cells/modules that could be dedicated to specific themes and tales of the Andersen’s work.
The exhibition concept is based on the actualization of the two-dimensional space of the page with multimedia interactive devices – videoprojections and sounds that give life – and three-dimensional depth – to the abstract silhouettes placed in space like in a theatre scene.
Flatland is an invitation to a multi-dimensional esploration of the fairy tales of Andersen, starting from their original media, the book.

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