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Giro giro tondo

Giro giro tondo
Nursery and primary school, Rome
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date: 2007
client: Comune di Roma
site: Roma
design team: ma0

The project is built upon two units that make up the scholastic area, divided into two identical yet juxtaposed blocks corresponding to the two schools, connected by shield-like pergolas.
The classrooms are connected and grouped by the roofing, like in the game of ring-around-the-rosy, in a spatial form of community.
The external and internal spaces of the school become similar to “houses” and streets in a village: individual elements are structured so as to highlight the diverse groups to which buildings belong. Such immediate recognition helps children identify their “house” facilitating the identification of their group.
The geometric circular matrix of the scholastic area is repeated in the park surrounding the school, with the distribution of essences following this “molecular” logic throughout the entire project.

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