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La via del grano

La via del grano
A greenway between Enna and Piazza Armerina
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date: 2022-23
design team: ma0 (Ketty Di Tardo, Alberto Iacovoni, Luca La Torre)
site:  Enna, Piazza Armerina
result: third prize
collaborators: Tierry Manosca
The project for the Via del Grano proposes a device which is at the same time infrastructural and narrative of the territory: by re-interpreting the principle of the “dry stone wall”, elementary architecture that arises from the very ground on which it stands, it unfolds as an infrastructure that it is articulated in relation to different contexts, as a seat and place of welcome, a window and a narrative frame open to the landscape, an access portal and a landmark in the territory, discreetly recalling traces and stylistic features of the ancient built landscape.
The material of this reinterpretation of the stone wall is a concrete made with a mixture of local stone aggregates - the Sabucina stone - which with its warm yellow color will blend in with the path and the landscape, it will need little maintenance and over the time it will become part of the landscape itself.

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