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Living Carpet

Living Carpet
Europan 6 competition
Housing in Porto
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date: 2001
client: Europan Europe
site: Porto, Portugal
design team: ma0 + Francesco Careri, Romolo Ottaviani

Life unfolds in a thickness of a continuous double soil, a mantel disposed on the wrinkles of the existing ground. Social life takes place on roofs, private life inside the carpet.
The lots are conceived as terraced agricultural fields: a mass broke up by a system of patios, which can be walked through its whole extension.
Public spaces are conceived as interior spaces without ceilings, family spaces where neighbourhood life takes place. Private life unfolds within the steeped soil where stairs, patios and terraces are in succession, in a mingle of interior and exterior spaces.
The house typology develops longitudinally in the same way as a sloping pipe occasionally broken to let the sky inside. Whilst moving in the inside space the gaze will focus on different sequences of landscape. From each room one can directly go in the open hair. Private spaces extend themselves into the public ones, and the wholly walkable ceiling will help developing neighbourhood relationships.

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