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Lombardi Secondary School

Lombardi Secondary School
Public Commission
Library and special classrooms in Bari
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date: 2004/05
site: Bari
client: Comune di Bari
design team: ma0 + Pierluigi Ventura, Federica Greco, Lorraine Perrot

The building is envisioned to be in direct communication with the internal rooms of the existing school while simultaneously accessible by an independent entry opening up the space to the neighborhood, serving as a cultural center outside school time.
The project is based on two simple decisions:
1) The construction of the library is the core of the school extension, with the reading area enclosed by a double height bookcase. Windows are installed among the books inside the bookcase becoming a sort of three-dimensional index with letters or symbols placed upon them.
2) The realization of a collectively created monument drawing upon the school’s creative role: the design of the extension’s facades is the result of a photographic workshop open to the students of the school.

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