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New Babel

New Babel
Yeonsu-gu Youth Center Competition
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date: 2022
design team: ma0 (Alberto Iacovoni, Luca La Torre)
site: Incheon - Korea
The project organizes the extraordinarily diverse sequence of collective activities of the Youth Center following a vertical gradient from the most public and open to those with a selective access and dedicated to specific activities, regrouping the program upon categories that highlight the character and meaning of each environment.
Each of these environments is treated as a different building with its own architectural identity, related to the type of activity that it hosts, and composed in a sequence that develops vertically the diversity of a small city, connected by a line of stairs that develops as a vertical street.
The Youth Center becomes more than a building, a vertical Campus that reflects in the diversity of its constituent elements the variety of languages that
our society and its most promising components will express.
This sequence of recognizable activities is sewed by a continuous path, highlighted by the use of golden finish that culminates in a golden perforated metal structure that masks the technical installations at the last floor, the crowning of a quite extraordinary sequence of spaces and activities.

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