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Oltre il giardino

Oltre il giardino
Two squares in Putignano
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date: 2013
site: Putignano (BA)
client: City of Putignano
design team: ma0 +  Alfredo Bueno, Domenica Fiorini, Alessandra Monarcha, Lora Nurkova

The renewal of Piazza Aldo Moro and Piazza Enrico Berlinguer is based on 4 principles:
- reconnect: the two squares are in strong continuity with the Estramurale street and the historical center thanks to a sequence of terraced public spaces
- activate: along this sequence of public spaces new commercial activities are installed to act as attractors, together with temporary activities that can take place on the terraces
- improve: trees and plants bring back in the site nature, mixed with intense public activities
- identify: the memory of the ancient villa emerge from piazza Moro, together with traces of the stalls of the ancient Foro Boario in piazza Berlinguer, and the new commercial building that reinterprets the forms and materials of a traditional masseria

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