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Town hall in Veyrier, Switzerland
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date: 2023
design team: ma0 (Alberto Iacovoni, Luca La Torre)
site:  Veyrier, Switzerland
result: \
La terre est un palimpseste gratté et retravaillé à chaque génération par le gribouillage du piétinement.
Sylvain Tesson - Petit traité sur l’immensité du monde 
The new Town Hall of Veyrier is designed in continuity with the existing building as an open infrastructure, able to welcome a great flexibility of internal arrangements and communicative devices of the activities and memories of the town of Veyrier. A safety staircase that becomes a walk through the foliage of the magnolia, a balcony that shelters the entrance, some steps to sit at the edge of the square, but also images, objects, artworks; all these and other elements can inhabit and transform it into a kind of narrative and communicative palimpsest of what happened and will happen in Veyrier.
On the opposite side of the square, the student building, completely open toward the public space with the shop windows and the distribution galleries, carries on its roof a photovoltaic field which becomes an expressive element integrated in the architecture.

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