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Renovation of a school in Bari
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date: 2018 - 20
client: City of Bari
design team: ma0 with Maurizio Franco 
site: Bari
The overall aim of the renewal of the Rodari middle school is to improve the reception capacity and quality not only for the students’ parents, but also for the visitors that could potentially use the sports facilites beyond school’s schedule.
Schools can play an important role towards the communities of their territories, not only as places for education, but also as gathering places for cultural and sport activities, offering their open spaces, gyms and playgrounds.
The project, beyond improving the fonctionality of the interior spaces, reshapes the ground of the entrance court with a continous ramp and a series of steps to access the new gym entrance andmodifies deeply the interface between inside and outside, with a new portico that works as a communicative infrastructure to be used and appropriated both by the school and the students. This palympsest can accomodate different medias and objects that can be replaced during the year, and  trigger a playful interaction with its users that can sit in, hide behind and peek trough its various openings.

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