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Piazza Risorgimento

Piazza Risorgimento
Public Commission
An interactive square in Bari
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date: 2002/05
site: Bari
client: Comune di Bari
design team: ma0 + Pierluigi Ventura, Federica Greco

In a small piazza situated in the 19th century area of the city, in front of a recently renovated school, the project proposes, in addition to the necessary lighting and pavement renovations, a public space constantly reconfigurable according to the desires of the inhabitants, where the benches rotate about a fixed end, able to be moved by the inhabitants according to their needs: sitting in the shade on a hot summer’s day, or conversely in the sun on a cold winter’s day, facing the school waiting for one’s child to exit, or facing the commercial area of street waiting for an important date, or sitting under the streetlight to allow for an evening read, or in the shadows for sweet encounter…

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