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Europan 7 competition
Housing and public spaces in Drancy, France
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date: 2003
site: Drancy, France
client: Europan 7
design team: ma0 + Francesco Careri

On the outskirts of Paris, the City of Drancy needs innovative solutions to adapt to the new housing needs of the population and upgrade the public space of Cité Salengro, a housing complex designed in the ‘60s by Marcel Lods.
Playscape aims to create two playgrounds for each of the design themes, two interactive devices through which the people shal build the forthcoming Cité.
The first playground is given by the new lodges along the perimeter of all buildings, which can be used and closed according to the needs of the inhabitants, in fact a new soil, adding a 20% of living space to housing, making it possible to extend, or partition the existing units.
The second playground is a surface of asphalt equipped for multiple uses, reconfigurable and adaptable to the periodic and extraordinary activities of the district.

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