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Public garden in Via Matarrese

Public garden in Via Matarrese
Public Commission
A thick border in between city and nature
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date: 1999/2005
site: Bari
client: Comune di Bari
design team: ma0 + Ing. Murizio Franco

In the southern periphery of the city, within the neighborhood of Poggiofranco, the garden is situated between a small lot adjacent to a recently built residential complex and a grove of olive trees, characteristic of the landscape of Puglia.
In this middleground between city and countryside, the garden becomes a “dense” boundary of overlapping diverse landscapes within different types of green open spaces. A type of landscape gradient between two areas takes shape passing from a piazza with Trani stone pavement lined with palm tress, towards a countryside together with a stretch of olive and fig trees, in continuity with the agricultural landscape.
This gradual transition satisfies the programmatic need to host diverse functions in this area. Additionally, the thickening of the boundary obtained by overlapping bands/zones produces a perceptual expansion of space, distancing the exterior margin of the garden while simultaneously extending it past its margin towards the horizon.
Between these bands/zones, the interspersement of circular islands inject into the various landscapes and disseminate diverse situations among the garden.

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