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Reception facilities Etang de la Gruère
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date: 2020/21
design team: ma0 with Vandini Pathak and Khusbu Patel
site: Saignelégier, Canton of Jura, Switzerland
The proposal for the two-phases development of the reception facilities for the park of La Gruère pond is based on 5 principles:
Condense all the future development in continuity with the existing village and in proximity with the access path, in order to safeguard the surrounding landscape and to maximise synergies between the new interventions, the bus stop and the auberge.
Mitigate the more impacting intervention – the parking lot – by interting it in between the slope and the auberge, sourrounded by a line of trees.
Connect the nodes of the site through an infrastrcture that enlarges the access path in a series of platforms, playgrounds and pavilions entirely made of wood.
Initiate the exploration of the site through an access portal ditched in the ground that marks an entrance ritual and becomes a potential narrative space.
Expand the knowledge on the site through the insertion in the existing slope of a simple volume in proximity with the entrance, that establishes a dialogue with the existing village, thanks to its materials, forms and positioning, presenting itself as an addition consistent within a defined context.

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