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The House of Fairy Tales competition
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date: 2014
site: Odense (DK)
client: City of Odense
design team: Nica Fiorini, Laura La Greca, Guglielmo Maggini

The House of Fairy Tales is a house that flies over the city of Odense, an outlook that will attract visitors for its content, but also just to see the panorama of the city; it is a landmark, growing over the place where Andersen lived and has been celebrated, that liberates entirely the Lotze’s garden from any construction, that becomes a generous green public space, a secret and magic place, where to find traces of Andersen’s tales (somebody could say that it is like the bed of the princess, with a blue pea at the ground floor, or a pencil celebrating the act of writing).
The museum opens towards this garden with its public and open side, and points towards the sky with the immersive and intimate part, the tower, a sequence of surprises, totally different worlds and horizons, each assigned to a different artist, that will make a reintrepretation of Andersen’s tales following his/her poetics. Periodically, the museum couldchange in rotation one of the environments, inviting a new artist to interprete a tale, or a theme of the Andersen work. Thanks to this continuous process of regeneration, the museum will never age, will invite visitors to multiple visits, and accumulate an incredible art collection.
The last floor of the tower will be a big lantern overlooking the city, a place where to rest and dream, before starting an exciting descent.
The  vertical connections become an extraordinary opportunity to stimulate a playful and adventurous way to explore the museum, offering solutions for an exciting, adventurous, playful exploration of the museum.

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