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Under the volcano

Under the volcano
Under the volcano Ferrovia del Parco Nazionale del Vesuvio competition
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date: 2008

site: Napoli
clien: Ente Autonomo Volturno srl
design team: ma0 + Naif Srl : Sara Braschi, Angelo Grasso, Clementina Gentile, Pietro Cagnazzi

The transportation system proposed for the competition is a classic gondola chairlift, more efficient and sustainable, both environmentally and economically, compared to the planned railway.
The stations are equipped with a chameleonic envelope, changing with the landscapes that the line crosses. The outer skin is in fact made ​​up of “scales” all slightly different, able to blend with the surrounding nature and dematerialize the interior, giving the impression of being in a forest where light filters above.
The cabins on the other hand are designed to stand out in the landscape as a technological object glittering, elementary and fun, like a soap bubble, a ball, a spaceship to discover extraordinary landscapes.

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