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In Asia

In Asia
Layout for the exibition "In Asia", Rome
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date: 2009
client: AsiaticaFilmMediale
site: Camera di Commercio di Roma
design team: ma0

The layout of the photo exhibition “In Asia” was designed and built in 2 days with a total budget of less than 1500 euro.
The project carried out within the Temple of Hadrian, the prestigious seat of the Chamber of Commerce of Rome, has used 150 pallets to define an isolated and evocative space, in contrast with the richness and monumentality of the building.
Photographs taken by the author during her travels in China, are perfectly integrated with the walls of rough wooden planks.
The light filtering, the smell of the wood and its  marked and rough surface generate a space that reminds the viewer to distant places.
All the materials used were recycled in and out of the site.

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