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Domestic Affairs

Domestic Affairs
Resarch project @ VCUQ
Exhibition Design @ Fire Station Doha
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date: 2016
client: Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar
design team: Alberto Iacovoni / ma0
site: Fire Station Gallery, Doha
Is an exhibition featuring a selection of artefacts ranging from prototypes, consumer products, conceptual and speculative works, that trigger a critical perspective on the contemporary domestic landscape.
While the home is traditionally conceived as a retreat from public life into the private sphere, Domestic Affairs explores the inevitable relations between the home and the public context.
The exhibition design plays with two icons of the private space, one related to the tradition of the Bedouin culture, the tent, and the other one the most globalized piece of furniture, the IKEA Lack table.
The fabric and the tables have been integrated with few elements to transform them in a light exhibit system, potentially entirely reusable for other exhibitions.

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