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Italia in Persona

Italia in Persona
An exibition about the Made in Italy by Fondazione Pistoletto
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date: 2004
client: Fondazione Pistoletto - Cittàdellarte
site: Torino, Fiera del Libro
design team: ma0

Eight art installations, conceived by the Fondazione Pistoletto to stimulate questions and reflections on the ​characteristic values of small and medium-sized italian firms, are connected by a continuous wall that becomes the support for all the information materials - texts, images, videos and products related to exemplary case studies.
Distributed along it to form a multitude, a collectivity, made of human figures, becomes the protagonist of the entire exhibit, giving shape to the passages between a thematic area and the other, to the prints of the photographic material and the mirrors that will involve in the space the visitors.
The walls are composed of elements prefabricated wooden floors painted and shaped, connected by curved elements with 2 m of radius, and can be reconfigured to adapt to a multiplicity of different spaces, and easily transported once disassembled.

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