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Mister T

Mister T
Competition + commission
Informative totem for the Milano Triennale
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date: 2004-2005
site: Milan
client: Triennale di Milano

Winning proposal of a competition by invitation of the Triennale in Milan for the construction of a totem informative to be placed in various places in the city, Mr T is the icon of the human figure, object and subject of all projects of architecture and design, holding the messages of one of the most important Italian cultural institutions.
Mr T is a poster that animates and interacts with the spaces it is situated in and with the passersby that approach.
Made from a single sheet of Alucobond cut and folded, is supported with a sheet of black iron that draws the shadow on the ground.
The information materials required by the client (a poster to be changed periodically, information leaflets) become part of its stylized clothing.

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