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Osservatorio Sharing Mobility 2018

Osservatorio Sharing Mobility 2018
Set design for a one-day event in Rome
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date: 2018
client: Fondazione per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile
design team: ma0 
site: Rome
How can we set up a space for an event that lasts one day, promoted by a Foundation about sustainable development, without producing the usual amount of waste that every temporary event makes?
For the second conference on the sharing mobility ma0 has experimented another productive exhibition design, where the elements used to set up the space are part of a lifecycle that extends well beyond the limited timing of the event.
The space is arranged with a sequence of traffic signs, some of which are redeseigned to raise issues related to sustainable mobility.
The supports and the regular traffic signs are rented for the event and return afterwards to their normal use, while those which have been redesigned become gifts for the attendants to the conference.

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