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Soft Space

Soft Space
Sony PSP Pavilion in Rome
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date: 2007
client: Sony Italia
contractor: SpSystema
site: Rome
Two membranes completely hide the existing pavilion rendering it invisible from both the outside and the inside.
The exterior is a fused black space serving as a compass orienting the street flow: an innervated
volume with a tight skin stretched over the structural skeleton and interior light poking through a series of luminous holes outlining the silhouette of the structure.
After finding the entry, the visitor plays with, as well as looks at, space. One chooses a console and immerses himself in the comfortable soft embrace of the walls. Simultaneously, one discovers that the border which surround the space is a soft and ethereal abstraction, literally “giving” into movement, elastically conforming to one’s body.
As long as one wishes to play, one is enwrapped with comfortable seating and when finished springs back to original point of departure.
The wall deforms itself around one’s weight, generating a luminous areola around one’s body, springing back to its original form when one gets up: a small example of action and reaction, of interaction on a low-tech level between the inhabitant and one’s space.

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