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Touch Screen

Touch Screen
Interactive multimedia installations
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date: 2003/2007
client: Beyond Media/Oltre i Media 03, Firenze
Palazzo Belmonte Riso, Palermo
Festival ”Les Urbaines”, Losanna
site: Firenze, Palermo, Losanna, Roma
design team: ma0

Touch screen is a device used to create a visual space. Similar to the sheet used as a child constructs his/her imaginary house inside a bed, this fabric or sheet becomes a screen the moment it intercepts video projections, becoming a device
through which the act of seeing becomes a spatial gesture defining intimate zones with other spectators.Touch screen is the spatialization that mutates around one’s audiovisual perception, an invitation to construct an intimate visual space, but can also be a place for random encounters, brush up against each other, hide and touch each other, underneath the sheets, so to speak.

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