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Fonte di Fauno

Fonte di Fauno
Apartment in Rome
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date: 2005
site: Rome
client: private
design team: ma0

An apartment as an unique and entirely accessible environment, smooth and continuous, without any separation between the sleeping and the living area. The elimination of distribution spaces - hallways, lobbies, atriums - allowed to make all spaces livable and habitable for a family of four, in relatively few square meters (75).
The entrance is in the kitchen, the functional and spatial articulation of the house, with an entire wall of opalescent glass that separates it from the bathroom.
Gradually, the environments communicate with each other all surrounded by a long horizontal library that is integrated into the wall structure.
The original partitions were removed and the house has acquired thus total flexibility, with doors and sliding walls that allow to create private spaces at will, but also to let the natural light flow anywhere.

ma0 studio di architettura | via g. libetta 15 00154 roma | tel/fax +39-06-81903359

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