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Far West Milano

Far West Milano
Research project
XIV Architecture Biennale Italian Pavilion
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date: 2014

client: XIV Biennale d’Architettura di Venezia
design team: ma0 with Nica Fiorini
bioclimatic consultant: Andrea Marcucci

The cities of the Far West, as we have seen at the movies, a series of buildings along the main street, where you will find everything: the shop, the saloon, the barber, the sheriff‘s office. But then, after a few steps in a sidestreet, the space of the prairie and the pioneers, with the bushes dragged by the wind.
Far West Milano is the union of two analogues worlds: a linear city and 52 acres of theme parks and hybrid productive activities, mixing advanced agriculture and new technologies.
For the future of the area where the 2015 World Expo will take place, we propose two modes of development that confront and feed on each other: the city of a molar and speculative development alongside a territory molecularly modified by the pioneers of the economies of the future.

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