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Founded in 1996, ma0 has been active in a field that has expanded during these years
due to the notion that architecture is an interdisciplinary medium, linked to the territory.
From wall to video interface, the firm’s architectural vision is defined as a system of
spatial rules – a playground – able to modify the relationships between space and its
inhabitants, between public and private, indoor and outdoor, artificial and natural, real
and virtual...
The firm’s experience manifests the skills necessary to work within this broader conception
of architecture, managing the design process with the appropriate technologies,
from construction drawings to graphic design and interactive communication tools.
Constantly drawing upon the feedback between theory and practice through commissions,
competitions, lectures, and workshops, each project becomes an opportunity
to explore the relationship between form and social role of architecture, which is, by
choice, an open, interactive and process-based device. Therefore, architecture becomes
adaptable to appropriation, transformation and progressive developments initiated
by its inhabitants.
The aim of this research and practical experimentation is to give back to the inhabitant/
user the power to shape the space, from the installations to the concrete mass of
architecture, and to give back to the contemporary city an intensity of uses, multiplicity
of relationships,

ma0 studio di architettura | via g. libetta 15 00154 roma | tel/fax +39-06-81903359

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