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Casa Acea

Casa Acea
A shop for Acea
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date: 2018
client: SpSystema
design team: ma0 
site: Italy
A proposal for a series of shops for one of the main electricity suppliers in Italy.
The brand Acea materializes in the form of a home, Casa Acea, a place where to have informations, play and spend some time.
Casa Acea welcomes its visitors with the most convivial space of the domestic realm: a long table laden wih any kind of object, from the products on sale, promotional materials on the Acea services, but also tablet to play, gadgets and candies, together with a coffee machine to give the best hospitality to the clients.
The table overturns the traditional idea of the shop, with personnel and clients separated by a counter: in Casa Acea people gather around a common space, where everybody can find his or her place and activity.
The space of the shop opens towards the other rooms of the house, through a series of arched illuminated panels that evoke the values of the Brand.
In the shop, and elsewhere, the first letter of the company’s logo becomes a balloon that speaks to the visitors and the whole city, together with the beacon based technologies “drive to store”.

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