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Digital Wall

Digital Wall
Interactive wall for GS1 - Interno 1
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date: 2020/21
design team: ma0 for IdLab with Giulio Pernice + Simone Memè 
client: GS1 Italy
site: Milan
Interno 1 is the space for innovation, research and development of GS1 Italy, the reference point in Italy of the GS1 global network that is active in 114 countries around the world. GS1 defines the standards, services and solutions designed to improve the efficiency, safety and visibility of supply chains across physical and digital channels in a wide variety of sectors.
The barcode is the most known of GS1 standards, an abstract and pervasive graphic symbol behind which a universe of relationships is hidden.
With the Digital Wall we have proposed to unveil its values through a simple and immediate interaction with the barcode that becomes a digital curtain opening up windows on a variety of specific contents - didactic, informative, playful.
Therefore the barcode gets out of the label and becomes part of a real space, it confronts with the human scale and it opens windows in a 1:1 scale, in a subtle balance between structured information and casual exploration, to create an experience  starting from its multiple functions, uses, meanings.

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